Why Outsourcing Your Roofing Supplements is a Must

We’re going to assume that evaluating insurance claim estimates, dealing with adjusters, and chasing paperwork isn’t your favorite part of the job if you work for a roofing or contracting firm. We’ve spoken with hundreds of contractors across the nation who can’t stress enough that dealing with roofing claim supplements is the LAST thing on their minds – which is why we’re here to assist. Our objective is to relieve you of this administrative load so you can focus on the most essential aspects of your business, such as selling, construction, and the other duties that come with owning a company. 

You have a lot on your plate. Your salespeople are swamped. Correct supplementation takes time and may be very complicated yet supplementing is crucial for increased annual revenue. This is why outsourcing your roofing supplements is a must, and with the help of PAS Claims, you can do just that.  

Why Outsourcing Your Roofing Supplements is a Must

You Will Save Time by Outsourcing Your Roofing Estimates and Claims

Keeping track of insurance files, responding to emails, and checking on a claim status might easily take up half or more of your day. Outsourcing your claims department provides you a competitive advantage, especially after any major storm when business will be overwhelmingly busy and keeping track of every claim will take up more time than you typically anticipate. By outsourcing your estimates and claims, you are freeing up resources in your office so each team member can spend more time on the jobs they were actually hired for. Estimates and claims are what we call a “time suck” — meaning unless you are extremely proficient in them, the tasks alone can take up every hour of your workday. The PAS Claims estimates and claim management processes have been perfected and are geared towards efficiency. We have an entire team dedicated to each step, which means your estimates and claims get processed in a fraction of the time. 

Supplements are Rejected Due to Inexperience

Unskilled roof supplement preparers have a tendency to leave items out. They don’t know how to properly prepare documentation for submission or the specific carrier language is foreign to the contractor, therefore it will take considerably longer to prepare and send, often resulting in an insurance denial or a significantly lower estimate. 

Untrained office employees have a tough time maximizing supplements as they are unique and take years of working in the industry to fully understand how they work, knowing codes that are specific to your region, understanding how to document everything, etc. As a result, you as the business owner lose out on increased annual revenue through proper roof estimates that include supplements.

Xactimate Training is Expensive

If your firm is large enough to employ someone to perform some of the day-to-day tasks involved with claims, supplements, and estimates, you may be wasting money. Why? Xactimate is a DIFFICULT program to learn, it is expensive, and you’ll be paying the employee’s salary on top of those expenses. In reality, the basic training course consists of 70 hours of content. Some programs may cost up to $1,000, and that doesn’t include any necessary travel, test fees, or re-certification fees. 

Working with PAS Claims offers you access to a team of Xactimate certified experts without the need for additional training or qualifications.

Company Turnover Rate

The turnover rate is significant for small roofing contractors that decide to hedge their risks and engage office personnel to “multi-task” and create supplements. The task, as previously said, is time-consuming and tiresome. Any entry-level employee may get overwhelmed by the responsibility resulting in them leaving you out in the cold when a better opportunity arises that holds less pressure. Also, if you do decide to invest in an employee learning Xactimate and supplementing, just for them to only stay at the company for a short while, you will inevitably have to retrain the next employee and reinvest over and over again.

Roofing Supplement Mistakes Cost a Lot of Money

Roof supplements are frequently overlooked by inexperienced preparers. They lack the expertise to properly prepare it for submission and will take significantly longer to do so, resulting in an insurance denial. 

What will it cost you in the long run? According to our research, companies using a claims management service such as PAS Claims, see an annual revenue increase by 10-25% in the first year alone. Therefore if you are not using a professional service, it can cost you in the long run. Not only are you paying someone in your office to do the job, but they are potentially not bringing in the full amount that they could due to inexperience in the field. You can hire a claims management service for far less than what you would pay a full time employee to do the same job. 

 How big of a Difference can Supplementing Make?

When supplementing, roofing contractors can make thousands of dollars more per project. This might result in a 10 to 25% increase in annual income. 

Because of the rise in profit, you will be paid the accurate amount for what it costs to execute the work. You invest time and money making sure you have enough supplies, that you meet local construction standards, that you utilize best installation techniques to comply with manufacturer warranties, and so on, therefore you should always be reimbursed and paid out accordingly. 

Even the insurance companies agree that you should be compensated for these expenses. But there’s a catch: you have to request it. In the end, if you don’t take the time to supplement, you’re losing money on every task you do.

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Why Outsourcing Your Roofing Supplements is a Must

Are you still considering doing it yourself or are you ready to outsource roof supplements to a seasoned team of professionals? Keeping the process in-house may appear to be the better option at first but you might be missing out on just as much as an adjuster if your supplements aren’t prepared by someone with extensive roofing expertise. 

Over the years, PAS Claims has provided professional supplements to hundreds of contractors nationwide, assisting them in increasing their earnings. We handle all of the paperwork and preparation so you can submit your information for a roof claim with confidence. Schedule a call with Pas Claims today or send us a message.

published on Sunday, September 12th, 2021