Understanding Roofing Supplements With Insurance Claims

How Can They Impact Your Business and Make it More Profitable

What is a Supplement Insurance Claim?

To first get a glimpse at how supplement insurance claims help your roofing business, we must learn what supplement insurance claims really are.


Being a contractor and handling all the paperwork needed for certain job sites and contracting jobs, in general, can sometimes take an exorbitant amount of your time. Remember the last time you forgot or couldn’t find that one paper that an insurance company you’re dealing with needs? You’ve also probably faced insurance estimates that didn’t cover some of the expenses you’ve had while doing the contracted work. Those expenses, at first, might not seem that big but over a certain period, they can mount up and all of sudden, you’re faced with a sizeable amount that you essentially paid out of your own pocket. That is where supplement claims come in. They are claims that are added to the insurance claim that’s been given to you prior to starting the contracted work. 

Supplement insurance claim – A charge/s that needs to be added to the initial claim for items that are omitted, overlooked, underpaid, or simply discovered after the work begins. 

When these claims are approved by the insurance company’s adjuster, you end up with more money in your pocket, and over a certain period, that amount can help you grow your business and expand. It’s a crucial part of insurance claims many contractors forget to utilize. Some of them simply accept an insurance estimate for the job, do their work, and even provide the extra services then never bother to get paid for those services.

This is where PAS Claims comes in to help you tackle these kinds of issues with your roof insurance claims process!

Our company, PAS Claims, is the nation’s leading roof insurance claim management company that helps contractors with insurance restoration solutions. We offer unique management services and help your business’ yearly revenue. Our service includes managing the claims from start to finish and subsequently processing the claims so you get your insurance return quicker than usual. If you’re a roofing company in need of immediate help, contact us at (866) 266-7713 or schedule a call online!

Insurance Companies Are Known for Underestimating Roof Insurance Claims

Use Our Services and get Paid for the Additional Expenses 

Major companies all over the globe are always looking for ways to save money and cut their expenses. The same principle applies to insurance companies you’re most likely dealing with on a regular basis. They are not just going to immediately pay that additional claim without checking every aspect of the claim. The simple reason for this is profit. Let’s look at United Airlines for a quick example. They’ve been making their planes lighter, and even the in-flight magazines lighter, to drive down the costs and use of fuel. Until this day, they’ve saved over $2 billion dollars. At the end of the day, it’s all about profit. Whether it’s a small business or a global one, such as United Airlines or a major insurance company. If you want your roofing business even more profitable, making sure your supplement insurance claims are well prepared and ready to be filed, is a way to go.

What is the process of supplement insurance claiming?

Our dedicated team will help you tackle the supplement insurance claims while keeping you updated in real-time!

What is Claimable?

To get a sense of which materials are usually omitted from the insurance estimates, whether intentionally or due to some other reasons, we’ve made a quick rundown so you can stay on top of things in the near future. All of the materials are reasonably used on the construction site on an everyday basis but somehow end up not being factored in the initial estimates. We cannot guarantee that the insurance company’s adjuster will actually approve some of the claims for the used materials but there’s a good chance he will do that if you’ve documented all of it.

Drip edge – This is a constant battle between the insurance company’s adjusters and claimants. Some companies actually won’t cover the drip edge because they feel that you can do the job so the drip edge stays intact. Others won’t even cover the damage to the drip edge if its main function isn’t endangered. Obviously, this is completely different in a roofer’s world since they are the ones actually trying to do their job accordingly.

Starter strips or starter shingles – Insurance companies commonly don’t factor in starter strips since they believe you can make them out of the field shingles’ waste. Again, the reality in this type of industry is completely different because every inch of material is important and should not be wasted.

Step flashing – Insurance companies adjuster’s leave this material out of the estimate because they believe the estimate will be accepted even without the possibility for the supplement claim or the material can be re-used. If your roofing job needs new shingles, it needs new step flashing as well so don’t be afraid and do the job appropriately.

Paint for the vents, flashings, drip edge, etc. – The cost of painting the new materials should always be included in the claim but it’s mostly left out of the insurance company’s adjuster’s estimate.

Gable cornice returns and strips – The cost to do these and replace them can add up pretty quickly and drain your pockets. If there’s a need for this type of work on the roof, you need to add them to the supplement insurance claim.

Ridge and hip cap shingles – As we’ve mentioned previously with the starter shingles, insurance companies believe you can make these shingles out of the waste. The labor cost for placing these types of shingles is definitely not the same as making these shingles from waste and then placing them on the roof.

Overhead and profit – Adding this to your project can increase your estimate by at least 20%. Some projects are so complex that they actually need a general contractor to oversee the work. Nevertheless, some insurance companies feel like this is not needed or they blatantly refuse to pay overhead and profit. 

Remember, whatever seems to be missing from the estimate but there’s a legitimate use for the product/material, always make sure PAS Claims knows about it. We are here to help you ease this part of the process.

If you’re a contractor who runs his own business, you’re frantically busy doing a lot of things all at once. Between managing your crew/s, overseeing the work, taking care of the stock, paying for the stock, dealing with invoices and the insurance companies, doing these supplement claims can be a bit tormenting. You’re potentially leaving out thousands of dollars on the table. Let us, at PAS Claims, help you earn more profit and eventually help you grow your business. Our dedicated and qualified team is at your service at all times. Contact us at (866) 266-7713 or schedule a call online!


published on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021