Tips for Managing Your Roofing Business During Storm Season

When a huge storm or hurricane hits a certain area, you must have a mechanism set in stone to capitalize off of because you’re most certainly going to be busy. Even before the storm hits, your roofing company needs to be well prepared for any possible circumstance, that way roofing business will get the most out of this opportunity and PAS Claims will be right there with you helping you manage your roofing claims along the way!

Storm season work is not an issue you should gloat about because people are losing their homes. Keep in mind that your new potential customers desperately need you and the services you provide and in most cases, depend on you. Act on it swiftly, build a relationship with your community, hire the right people, and do the best possible job you could do.

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Pre-Anticipating a Natural Disaster as a Homeowner

Homeowners might try to prepare themselves before a natural disaster occurs. For example, they might start clearing their properties, waterproofing their flat roofs, repairing or replacing damaged parts from the roof, doing preventive maintenance, or securing the rooftop equipment. However, mother nature is quite unpredictable, and even the recent storm-prep-work, ultimately, might not help. We can anticipate and be prepared for the storm, but the actual vigorousness might surprise us all.

Preparing Your Roofing Business Beforehand

Whether you’re a seasoned roof veteran or a new guy on the block in the roofing industry, you understand how vital preparedness is to the success of your company. Work begins even before that storm or hurricane reigns down over your community. You can go from a season-low to being buried by calls from potential customers after a major storm rolls through.

Our team at PAS Claims has made a list of tips that’ll help you alleviate the common issues roofers find themselves in after a storm season:

 1. Stock up on the Inventory

Be aware that supply stores and manufacturers are going to be flooded. There’s going to be a huge backlog of orders from all the other contractors handling the same issues. In order to have a successful storm season, you should always have a full inventory at hand and stay in touch with the right suppliers that can guarantee that they can deliver the necessary products on time. That way, you have one less thing to worry about and you can spend even more time on the construction site and your business as a whole.

2. Be a Community Leader

Have a substantial presence in your community, regardless of storm season. This is a key for every business owner that handles people’s problems on a daily basis. Give out tips to the people in your community. Educate them about roofing and how to prevent further damage to their homes. Educate yourself about their needs and most important of all, be honest with them and they’ll cherish you and eventually trust you.

3. Hire Extra People Ahead of Time

When the storm ends and clients start to call, have a team of people ready to work. You might think that your usual numbers will do just fine but there will be a lot of construction sites and you can’t do them all by yourself. Hire qualified workers that’ll help you with sales, management, and on-site work. Put the extra effort during the hiring process and it’ll pay off big-time. 

4. Time Management

If you want to run a successful business, time management should be your number one priority. It goes hand in hand with your inventory and the number of people available for the job. If you’re missing the supplies, you’re missing out on a job, and vice versa. Plan ahead. Schedule the jobs accordingly and set your teams up for a successful run so they can have their hands full at all times after the storm settles down. Never show the clients the chaos of the after-storm season. Stay cool-headed and ready,  and reap the benefits. A well-managed company is a successful one.

5. Set Manageable Goals and Due Dates for the Clients

Want a happy customer who’s always going to come back to you? Don’t lie to him and stall him. Be honest and set attainable finishing dates. Be honest even if something doesn’t go right. Every business faces this challenge, and a lot of them lose their clients’ trust over unattainable due dates. Most importantly, alleviate these faults by doing an impeccable job.

6. Educate Yourself Even More and Use the Latest Technology

Re-inventing your company is a way of letting your workers and clients know that you really mean business. Visit roofing conferences and join roofing organizations that will elevate the way you handle your business. Getting all the newest tools, equipment, and materials will help your team and earn you even more clients. Your team will feel grateful and it’ll save you from the headaches that worn-out equipment and tools might bring. It’s worth the price.

7. Invest in Social Media and Digital Marketing

Build your brand up with an online presence. It’s the 21st century and every marketing strategy is one click away. You can even try to do it yourself. It takes time, as everything does, but it can set you up quite nicely in the long run. If you cannot be bothered with it, hire a local team that’ll do that for you. In today’s world, it’s very important to advertise your product – which is roofing excellence – to the public. A great marketing strategy will elevate your business.

8. Search Engine Optimization

This is a follow-up on the last topic. Your potential clients are searching for you on the Internet. Let your ingenuity help them find you. Through time and effort put into these services, you’ll start to attract clients from all over. If you place your business’ web services in the right hands, over time your company can rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, helping grow your organic traffic.

9. Have all the Paperwork at Hand Ready to be Filed

While managing all the projects, it’s necessary to keep all the paperwork properly filed and stored. Missing important documentation can be a disaster. But it happens to the best of us. Filing the supplemental claims while managing a lot of sites can be very stressful. You can trust PAS Claims to take care of your supplemental roof claims and get you the best return possible.

10. Help the Clients Navigate through their Insurance Claims

You are in the business. You know the game. Why not help out a client or even a potential new one? Insurance companies can be tricky with their practices and wiggle out of the services their clients signed up for. You know the drill and you know how to fill those claims out. Your experience in the field is your best sales pitch.

11. Soak the Experience up and Learn from the Mistakes

You are human after all. Sometimes, it just doesn’t go as you’ve planned. You put the effort in but the end result was not satisfying. Don’t get discouraged. It takes time to elevate your business on such a scale. Even if there were some mismanaged situations, at least your job was done properly and you didn’t skimp out. Remember it, reflect on it and figure it out differently. The newly acquired experience will help you tremendously during the next storm season run and you will tackle them viciously and successfully. 

Tips for Managing Your Roofing Business During Storm Season

During these stressful and challenging times, making sure you and your teams are ready to handle all the tasks is the most efficient way to a successful storm season. While all may not run smoothly, some of the tips included will point you in a different direction so you stay on top of things. Seeing how most problems arise from three main issues – management, people, and paper trail – it’s of utmost importance to tackle those three and the rest will follow naturally.

The best roofing business’ can have their hands full during a storm season. 

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published on Monday, September 20th, 2021