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Take Your Business To The Next Level

Maximize Your Roofing Earnings with PAS Claims

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Successful claims not only rely on the quality of work, but also on effective communication with homeowners, insurance carriers and professional estimates and documentation. We understand the unique challenges contractors face with estimating, supplementing, and managing insurance claims. PAS Claims plays a crucial role in maximizing your profitability while minimizing the hassle associated with claim processing.  

Consistent updates and engagement with the carrier and homeowners are the lifeblood of claims processing. We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients through meticulous estimating, supplementing and carrier engagement practices.

Xactimate is the language of insurance claims and we understand how to leverage Xactimate effectively, streamlining the process and maximizing your claim. Don’t let overlooked line items cost your business.  Our expert estimators ensure you're not missing out on significant funds.

Experience the precision of our services firsthand. Pick a plan below and get started today! 

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