How to Use Your Slow Season to Your Advantage 

Winter is almost here so during this “slow” winter season, make the most of your time by increasing business efficiency, streamlining procedures, and training your employees. Listed below is some of our best advice and what you should be concentrating on heading into winter.

Since winter is one of the slowest seasons for roofing companies. Construction is down across the board due to a combination of inclement weather, fewer daylight hours, and an increase in household travel. In an already competitive business climate, seasonality makes it even more difficult to survive. Even during these times, PAS Claims is here to help, we can assist and improve your yearly income even during quiet seasons by providing claim management and estimation services.


Here are some tips for using the slow season as your advantage:

Make arrangements for additional personnel ahead of time

Roofing employees with specific talents are frequently snatched up quickly by competing companies. Rather than taking any job you can during the winter months to keep your employees, analyze the amount and types of personnel you’ll need for forthcoming projects and plan ahead. That way, if you need to hire more full-time staff, you won’t have to wait until the last minute to recruit and hire. 

Keep up with the most recent developments in technology and home renovation

Running a successful business requires not just time and effort, but also the ability to adapt and change in response to changing consumer expectations and technology. Any technology that makes the building process more visible helps contractors close more business by displaying what the end result may look like.

Keep Your Hardware Running Smoothly

Many roofing companies continue to put their tools to work completing inspections, steaming, raking, and cleaning roofs, fixing ice dams, and providing tree care. To assist in the clearing of neighborhood streets and driveways, several roofing companies turn their vehicles into snowplows. These stay-busy experts are building the groundwork for a great season by continuing to service clients and being prominent in their local areas.

Schedule Indoor Projects

Are there any jobs that you undertake indoors, despite the fact that the majority of your labor is done outside? These are ideal to schedule out when the weather gets cooler and working outside is too unpleasant or perhaps impossible.

During winter months in some regions, snow stays consistently on roofs for months on end, but that does not mean residents do not experience roof leaks and other damage that can turn into major issues if not dealt with in a timely manner. While you may not be able to access the roof from outside, some repairs can be made from the attic. Take advantage of these types of jobs during your slow season. 

Continue Roofing

It’s your chance to shine now that other roofing companies have closed for the season and your competition has diminished significantly. Be the roofer who continues to work over the winter for customers who require emergency repairs or replacements. 

It’s difficult to roof in the winter. Provide extra training and equipment to your employees so they can properly handle the higher hazardous climate. You don’t want to jeopardize your team for a few additional dollars. Make sure they’re all up to speed on the latest methods and know-how to keep themselves safe while on the job.

Consider utilizing high-quality items that can survive even the harshest conditions. These can certainly endure whatever the year can throw at them if you can get them up in the cold or wind, which might be a major selling factor in general. Adhesives may fail to adhere, and shingles may crack and shatter. Find out what materials work best in cold weather and which materials should be avoided until the cold passes. 

To increase sales, provide off-season pricing and seasonal discounts to attract new customers. Summer is often regarded as the optimum season to begin home renovation work. Persuade them otherwise by offering a great price if they book within a specific window.

We at PAS Claims think that having a strategy and a system of policies, methods, and procedures that are regularly followed is the key to long-term sustainable growth. PAS Claims assists contractors in growing their company by assisting them with one claim at a time. Understanding both the roofing and insurance industries allows us to make educated decisions on behalf of our clients, resulting in increased income and overall business improvement. Everyone benefits when we handle your roof insurance claims. Contact us TODAY!

Concentrate on your Cold leads and Upcoming Tasks

Spend some time going over your cold leads during your off-season. Do you have any leads who have ignored your calls and emails throughout the summer? There are a ton if different software options that can be used to import cold leads and send out bids. A simple task that takes only a few minutes might result in a sale. 

You can also get ahead by developing projects for anybody requesting estimates for a spring installation. Tell them you’ve been thinking about their project and show them some of the alternatives you’ve been contemplating so you can get a jump start when they’re ready.

The off-season is an ideal opportunity to sit down at your desk and assess your business. Ask yourself the following questions: 

Examine everything that enters and leaves the firm. Analyze and compare your profits to your costs. What steps can you take to minimize your losses? You may then make a budget for the next year. You may change your finance by determining which sectors require more or less funding. 

It’s also worth noting that scheduling can make a difference. Recognize your resources and the limits of your company’s capabilities. Try to acquire a sense of what the following year will entail as much as possible. You may also evaluate staff productivity during the off-season.

Raise the Bar on Your Contracting Equipment

Taking inventory of your roofing and construction equipment during the cold weather dip is an excellent way to see if your investments are helping or hurting your business. Examine compressors, hydraulic dump trailers, and other equipment to see whether they need to be repaired or replaced so that your staff can get the work done quickly when business resumes. 

Consider making new equipment purchases. Replace that ordinary dump trailer with the Equipter RB4000, a self-propelled trailer with a lift height of up to 12′. Use it to keep debris under control, boost productivity, reduce crew wear & tear, and make homeowners happier.

Make sure your roofing software is up to date as well. Consider a software solution designed for roofing contractors and salesmen if you haven’t used any automated solutions before. Schedule demos with different software or claim management companies to learn your options and see how much easier it is to set up and organize your projects. Outsourcing your workload can help you while you’re in the thick of the busy season and have no time to do anything except schedule meetings and install. When it comes to saving time when it counts most, excellent company management software may make a significant impact.

Make sure to include early-bird discounts and promotions in your plans. Take some time to think about how you’re going to win the competition when everyone else is on vacation or working other jobs. You can add these discounts and promos to your website to ensure potential customers see everything you have to offer.

Make a New Marketing Plan or Update an Existing One

Consider your marketing strategy to be a road map for increasing sales and gaining a competitive edge. Do you already have a marketing plan in place? If not, take the time during your off-season to develop a strong strategy that will help your roofing company grow. 

Some things to consider when developing your marketing strategy: 

Choose a Time-Consuming Activity and Make it More Efficient

Every company owner has that one task that feels like a long, hard grind, whether it’s asking customers for feedback or trying to keep on top of weekly payroll. Now is the time to discover a way to make your processes more efficient. Here are some suggestions: 

PAS Claims

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PAS Claims help you assist and improve yearly income even during quiet seasons by providing claim handling and estimation services. Contact Pas Claims NOW or call us at (866) 266-7713.

published on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021