How PAS Claims Competes with the Best Satellite Roof Report Software 

Satellite roof report software is a necessity in the roofing industry and finding a product or software that works best for your business is important. PAS Claims offers a one-of-a-kind satellite roof report service to roofing contractors all over the nation. Our service offering competes with those of the top satellite roof report software, yet our product is more affordable, easy to use, and leaves us doing all the work for you. Listed below is a comparison of our satellite roof report service compared to that of our top competitors. When looking for the best satellite roof report software, consider contacting PAS Claims to handle all of your roof reports, claims, and estimates.

PAS Claims 

Pas Claims is devoted to providing you with timely and accurate Arial Roof View reports, whether you need one or 100. They provide a 24-hour turnaround time and a four-page report that is simple to read yet has all of the information you need to produce an accurate project quotation. Their objective is to constantly assist you in increasing income and completing initiatives that would otherwise take time away from other parts of your company. Don’t waste time learning sophisticated Xactimate software when PAS Claims has a whole staff ready to assist you in obtaining the results you want promptly and at a reasonable cost.

Fast Roof – Flat Rate Measurement Reports – $30.00

Quick 1-page report – $15.00


RoofScopeX measuring reports are efficient and cost-effective. The aerial roof measuring reports are created by skilled CAD experts and verified by a quality assurance professional, ensuring that all data is accurate. Precision is essential, which is why they guarantee a 95 percent or higher accuracy rate on every important data point required to submit a competitive offer. The number of reports you receive each month is determined by your membership package, which ranges from 2 to 77 every month. While Roofscopex has different membership options to suit your needs, the memberships can be costly and you’ll pay even if you do not use the service. PAS Claims offers no-commitment satellite roof reports, order 1 or order 100, either way, we promise the same excellent reports in 24 hours or less.  

Aerial Estimation

Rather than measuring a roof by hand, Aerial Estimation provides a roof report based on accurate satellite roof measurements, similar to the rest of the competition. By offering your organization automated Aerial Roof Measurements you will save time, lowering your costs of doing business, enhancing customer service, and increase profitability. Results from Aerial Estimation are nearly as precise as on-site measurements, just as PAS Claims satellite roof report measurements. This software saves you time, money, and depending on the report you request, you can receive some reports same-day. Aerial Estimation and PAS Claims may both offer satellite roof reports, but PAS Claims offers additional services that may intrigue roofing contractors. Teaming up with PAS Claims vs Aerial Estimation opens the door for increased annual growth through the use of our other services. Learn more about our estimating and claims management services to see how we compete with the top satellite roof report companies.


Roof reports start at $12, and there are no set-up or membership costs. 

Satellite Roof Measurements: Roof Report Features 

Roofr Measurements

Roofr Measurements is a software that allows roofing professionals all across North America to self-measure any roof in under five minutes right from their computer. Contractors can use the application to measure edges, assign slope, and locate roof characteristics using high-definition satellite and aerial photography. While Roofr has quite a few different resources for roofing contractors, their prices structure differs tremendously from PAS Claims. Depending on your specific needs, Roofr could be the best option for you as the software allows you to create your own reports, among other things. PAS Claims, on the other hand, offers a complete white-glove experience where contractors can have their roof measurements, estimates, and claims handled from start to finish by a team of professionals. 

Pricing Plan

Free – (contractors are still responsible for paying for each report, starting at $10)

Pro –  $89 per month (contractors are still responsible for paying for each report, starting at $10)

Premium ($149/month) (contractors are still responsible for paying for each report, starting at $10)

iRoofing Measurement App

Using an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone, the iRoofing Measurement Tool lets you produce precise, professional measurement reports in minutes. Simply use iRoofing to rapidly produce your own report by measuring using satellite, aerial drone, or blueprint photos. 

There is no charge per measurement and every subscription includes three devices with unrestricted access. With the iRoofing Measurement Tool, you can take charge of your measures and complete your own measurements whenever your need to, rather than waiting on an ordered report from a 3rd party. If you like having the responsibility of creating your own roof measurements, this app is perfect for you. If you choose to work with a company like PAS Claims, your time can be spent elsewhere like working on growing your business or improving operations, and the responsibility of creating satellite roof reports, estimates, and managing claims will be outsourced. 

Pricing Plan

Monthly Membership – $129

Yearly Membership – $1,368

Yearly Membership – $1,788

2 Years Membership – $2,378

How PAS Claims Competes with the Best Satellite Roof Report Software

Finding the best satellite roof report service or software is a key component to the success of any roofing business. Make sure to do your research on each of the best satellite roof report software before making your final decision. If you are interested in learning more our PAS Claims satellite roof reports, estimating services, or claim management, schedule a call directly with one of our team members by clicking here!

published on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021