FAQs About Roof Claims

If you’re in the roofing industry, you’ve no doubt seen your share of insurance claims. The process can be long and arduous for both you and the homeowner, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details and legal terminology. At PAS Claims, we’re committed to simplifying the roof insurance claims process by doing the unthinkable: taking care of the whole thing for you! Whether you are new to roof claims as a contractor or already have experience with them, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about roof insurance claims. 

What does a roof claim management company do?

A roof claim management company handles roof claims on your behalf. From submitting the claim to the insurance agency, inspecting roof damage, providing estimates, and submitting the final invoice, a roof claim management company saves you time so you can get back to your clients. 

PAS Claims is a full-service roof claim management company in Phoenix, AZ, serving roofing contractors nationwide. We take care of the entire claims process so you can focus on your clients. Our team of claim professionals will submit the claim to the insurance agency and manage all communications with the agent. Contact us to learn more about our services. 

When can a homeowner submit a roof insurance claim?

A homeowner can file a roof insurance claim when their roof has sustained significant damage from a sudden weather event or accident. Most insurance companies cover damage from natural events like wind, fire, rain, hail, lightning, and snow. If the damage is too severe, the homeowner’s roof may need a total replacement. Total replacements may happen after major events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or falling trees. 

The sooner a homeowner submits a claim, the better. Often, a homeowner will only have a limited amount of time to file the claim before their insurance will no longer cover the repair or replacement. Homeowners are also encouraged to document the condition of their roofs as soon as possible. As soon as they purchase the house or have a new roof installed, homeowners should be documenting the condition. Homeowners should also document any roof damage as soon as it occurs. This will help with the claims process later on. 

With PAS claims, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the homeowner’s insurance company. We’ll take the homeowner’s claim and work directly with the insurance company, handling all communication from start to finish. We’ll also provide an aerial inspection to you within 24 hours so you can continue to focus on growing your business. 

The homeowner I’m working with doesn’t want to share their insurance information. What should I tell them?

Many customers are hesitant to share insurance information with roofing contractors. This is because several non-reputable roofing companies have scammed customers in the past, leading to negative news articles that warn homeowners to be more cautious. However, roofing contractors need access to insurance information so they can give homeowners the most accurate price possible. Of course, PAS Claims will also need access to insurance information so we can handle the claims process. Here are a few reasons why roofing contractors and PAS Claims need access to homeowners’ insurance information:

We need to need to review and understand the insurance policy

Every insurance policy is different. We need insurance information to understand exactly what will and will not be covered by the insurance carrier. Some policies limit the amount of time homeowners have to make a claim before the damage will not be covered. Additionally, some policies even label certain roofing items as “cosmetic” and will not cover them. With this information, we can discuss the extent of the policy upfront with contractors so there are no surprises later on. 

We use insurance information to avoid fraud

Having all the proper information helps us confirm coverage as some ill-advised homeowners will try to price-shop roofing contractors to avoid paying their deductibles. They hope that this will have the costs rebated or erased. However, this is insurance fraud that can land both the homeowner and roofer in trouble. Homeowners should always allow their contractor to review their insurance claims. This way, we can make sure we bill the insurance company the correct amount and avoid potential charges of fraud.

Insurance companies need a line-itemized invoice that matches the claim

Anyone familiar with insurance claims knows this can be a tedious process. If we submit an invoice that doesn’t exactly match the claim line by line, the insurance company will ask for verification as to why the amount is different. This can lead to hours of time spent on repetitive calls. The sooner we have the insurance information, the quicker the process can be completed. 

Providing this information expedites the process

We know how important it is for homeowners to get a new roof and for you to get paid for your roofing services. Having homeowners provide insurance information up front will save time and hassle, leading to a more efficient claims process for the entire party. 

How long do roof insurance claims take?

The time it takes to complete a roof insurance claim varies depending on the type and severity of damage to the roof. For homeowners, this process may seem like it lasts forever. It can be difficult to schedule an initial inspection, especially after a major event or natural disaster. And no roofing contractor wants to waste time dealing with the claims process–we know you want to get back to serving your clients. Roofing contractors dealing with insurance claims on their own may find that this process takes anywhere from one to three months, even if the roof repair or replacement will only take a couple of days!

With PAS Claims, you save time by letting us handle the entire process. From the time we submit the roof claim to the insurance company to when we receive the final invoice, you’ll have spent your time doing what you do besthelping clients install and maintain roofs. Every claim process is different, but you can rest assured knowing that PAS Claims will handle the whole thing for you, giving you the time you need to grow your business. 

What services does PAS Claims provide?

Great question! PAS Claims is a full-service roof claims management company. This means that we take care of the claims process from start to finish so you can get back to providing high-quality roofing services to your clients. PAS Claims specializes in three main service areas

Aerial Roof Measurement Reports

Don’t spend your time measuring every roof you work on. As part of our service, we deliver aerial roof measurement reports to contractors in 24-hours or less. Our aerial roof reports accurately measure out every eave, plane, structure, rake, and perimeter. These reports are delivered to you in four easy-to-read pages. Reduce job waste with this effective and inexpensive service.


PAS Claims can help expedite your claims processes. Don’t spend your time learning complicated and expensive estimating software when our team can handle that and so much more! As part of our estimate services, we provide professional, detailed Xactimate estimates based on current rates in your specific area. Our team handles every detail of the claim so you don’t have to deal with adjusters, subcontractors, or property owners. We also supplement the adjuster’s estimates by adding missing and overlooked items. 

Claim Management

We combine our Xactimate Estimating Service with our Claim Processing and Call Center Services to bring you the most efficient roof claim management process. We will process and manage your claims and keep you updated in real-time. From submitting the estimate to the Insurance Carrier on your behalf, handling all communication with the Insurance Carrier, submitting the final invoice, and everything in-between, our team handles every detail. We are proud to provide a streamlined and convenient roof claims management service for roof contractors in Arizona. Call us at (866) 266-7713 or schedule a call to learn more about our services and get started. Let us handle roof claims so you can get back to growing your business!

published on Friday, May 28th, 2021