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Our Claim Management Program includes Xactimate Estimating/Supplement, Carrier Engagement, and Call Center.  Our team of claim professionals process and manage your claims while keeping you updated in real-time.

Claims Management Services

Phone Line

We provide you with a Toll Free or Local Phone#,  and handle all your inbound/outbound calls with insurance carriers

Mobile / Desktop App

Comprehensive order submission via the PAS Claims App allows us to get the ball rolling quickly.

Keeping You Updated

Best Practice engagement protocols keeps you in the loop on all your files.  Receive real-time updates on active files.


Our team is constantly using the latest technology to building new programs, services, and plug-ins for your clients.

Start to Finish


Our team uses Best Practices in our engagement efforts with insurance carriers.  We keep you updated in real time with every call.


Coordinate or write estimates to ensure maximum revenue on contractors behalf

Quality Assurance

Each component involved with your roofing claim is checked and verified that all information is accurate to ensure a quick turnaround with no hold-ups


Contact Carrier for status of claim and expected day of completion and payment

Flat Monthly Rate

Connect with a team member to learn more about our pricing structure. We base our monthly rate on each individual client’s needs. Depending on the type and quantity of roofing claims management services you are looking for, prices will vary. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of roof claims management services in the nation, at an affordable rate. Working with PAS Claims will prove to increase your revenue and expedite your claims. From start to finish we have your company’s best interest at heart. We have helped clients increase revenues in as little as a few months by providing expedited claims management services that help contractors focus less on paperwork and more on winning bids for different roofing projects.

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Our Process

Our Claim Management Program combines our Xactimate Estimating Services with our Claim Processing and Call Center Servicing. Our team of claim professionals process and manages your claims while keeping you updated in real-time.

  • We’ll do the preliminary Xactimate Estimate
  • We’ll submit the estimate to the Insurance Carrier on your behalf
  • We’ll analyze the Insurance Carrier Scope once you receive it
  • We’ll do the Pre-Build Supplement and submit it to the Insurance Carrier
  • We’ll do the follow-up calls to the Insurance Carrier in regards to the Pre-Build Supplement and keep you updated in real-time
  • We’ll get additional funds for those items the carrier failed to include on the original scope of loss
  • We’ll submit the final invoice, permit receipts, and any Post-Build supplements to the Insurance Carrier to have all remaining payments released once you’ve completed the work
  • We’ll follow up with the Insurance Carrier in regards to the release of the final funds and will let you know when they have been released along with any payment details

Your time is valuable, and the less time you spend working on the claim process, the more time you have to sell and provide quality service.

Claim Management Components

Strike first in the claim process by providing the insurance carrier with your Xactimate Estimate and Photos.

PAS Claims analyzes the insurance carrier’s scope of loss and submits a Pre-Build Supplement to the carrier and makes all follow-up calls.

PAS Claims submits any additional post-build supplements, permit fees, COC, completion photos, and the final invoice to the insurance carrier for the work performed, in order for them to consider and reconcile any last supplements and release any remaining payments.

PAS Claims has verified with the Insurance carrier that all payments related to the work performed by the Contractor have been released along with any detailed information.

Virtual Concierge

When you have a question about our roof claims management services, there is always a team member available to answer your questions and help guide you through the process. Communication is important to us and we know that our client’s time is important. Connect with our concierge for any additional or clarifying information!

5 Star Ratings

PAS Claims has a 5-star rating. Clients are always pleased with the work provided by our team. Our high-quality, efficient claims management services far surpass those of our competitors. We work quickly, diligently, and precisely to provide you with claims management services that will help your company grow.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with the roof claims management services we have provided to you, please let us know. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your company’s success is important to us and we work diligently to provide services that help you grow.