Best Roof Estimating Software: Purchasing VS Hiring a Specialist

Roofing is one of the most competitive fields in the construction industry. Without the right tools and software, roofing contractors may find it difficult to manage client lists, work orders, and schedules. And because they are incredibly busy, contractors often struggle to find time to grow their business on top of managing their current clients. 

Roof estimating software solutions can help contractors stay organized, increase productivity, save time and money, and make better decisions. These tools can give you an advantage over the competition so you can stand out and win more business. However, hiring a team of specialists to help with your estimating services and claim management could be an even better option. Learn about the best roof estimating software vs hiring a specialist. 

Why hire an estimation specialist?

Roofing software is certainly helpful for contractors, but these tools can be overwhelming and difficult to learn. If you are dealing with time-sensitive claims, the last thing you want is to be slowed down by overcomplicated software and unnecessary features. Don’t spend your time learning complicated software when you could be focused on growing your business. To get fast estimates for roof insurance claims, let the professionals at PAS Claims do the work for you! 

Our team specializes in roofing estimates. We will provide you with a professional and detailed Xactimate estimate based on current rates in your area so you can avoid guesswork and unnecessary pricing disputes. Our estimates are extremely accurate and we and back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, our estimates have a fast turnaround rate. You’ll receive estimates within 2-3 business days. 

Our expert team provides unparalleled estimates and customer support. PAS Claims offers you the flexibility of multiple services without being locked in a monthly or yearly subscription plan. You can simply order aerial measurements and estimates as needed. Leave roof estimates to us and get back to growing your business!

You can schedule a call with a PAS Claims team member to learn more about our estimation services and get a quote. We are happy to help you provide your clients with the most accurate estimates!

What is Roofing Software?

Roof estimating software is an all-in-one solution that keeps contractors organized in their day-to-day business operations. Contractors use roofing software to create estimates, schedule jobs and manage work orders and inventory. These software tools also include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features that allow contractors to manage customer information, including contact info and insurance policies. Roofing software also allows contractors to organize jobs by type, whether it is a repair, replacement, or new installation. This makes it easy for contractors to keep track of jobs and ensure they have the right materials on hand for the project. 

Main Features of Roofing Software

Roofing software solutions are designed to store and organize all the information a contactor needs to manage clients and complete jobs. In general, roofing software tools offer 5 main features:

7 Best Roof Estimating Software for Contractors

There are hundreds of different roofing software solutions available. Keep in mind that each software will vary in its features, price, and overall accessibility. These software tools may also have different pricing options available for businesses of varying sizes. 


STACK is specifically designed to provide accurate aerial roof measurements and estimates.  The estimating and takeoff tools can help contractors avoid costly estimating mistakes that affect your business. STACK is a cloud-based software tool that requires a monthly subscription. It’s affordable and accessible from almost any internet-enabled device, including phones and tablets.

Core features:

Pricing: STACK includes plans for single contractors or teams. 


AccuLynx is a user-friendly roofing management software designed to streamline business operations and keep contractors organized. This tool can be used on a computer or on the go with its mobile application. 

Core features: 

Pricing: Pricing packages vary depending on the size of your roofing business. Contractors can submit a request for pricing.

Estimating Edge

Contractors seeking end-to-end, 100% automated solutions for both takeoff and estimating should look into Estimating Edge. Input just a handful of crucial details, modify your project parameters, and immediately get current, up-to-date, and accurate estimate information. 

Core features:

Pricing: Contractors must contact Estimating Edge for pricing details. 

Roof Chief

Roof Chief helps contractors manage their business so they can focus on serving clients. This roofing software solution provides accurate estimating and invoicing tools for roofing businesses of all sizes. You will also get tools that help with marketing and advertising to streamline your sales process, improve customer communications, and boost productivity.  

Core features: 

Pricing: Several packages available. There are no hidden costs or surprises, and you can cancel at any time. 


RoofSnap is a user-friendly and convenient software that lets you map and measure, estimate, and plan every new roofing project just by looking at satellite images you get from Google. The sketches you get are dynamic and fully editable. You can customize these sketches with inspection photos and notes and use them to create an estimate in RoofSnap. Customers can sign the contract right on your device. 

Core features:

Pricing: Several options available for either monthly or annual plans. 

EasyEst Estimating

EasyEst Estimating provides contractors with essential items to quickly prepare estimates. For over 35 years, EasyEst has provided high-quality and budget-friendly estimating services for contractors in almost every construction area. 

Core features:

Pricing: The first 2 licenses are $279 with no monthly fees. Additional licenses can be purchased at 60% off the list price.

Field Pulse

Field Pulse helps contractors organize and streamline their business operations. This roofing software solution provides excellent field service management capabilities that allow you to optimize teams, manage projects remotely, track milestones and deadlines, schedule jobs, and get a better handle on your inventory. It also includes built-in support for estimating and invoicing.

Core features:

Pricing: Plans start at $65 per month and include a 7-day free trial. Visit the Field Pulse website for more information. 



published on Friday, May 28th, 2021