Benefits of an Aerial Roof Measurement Report

Benefits of an Aerial Roof Measurement Report


One of the most essential and time-consuming elements of a roofing contractor’s job is correctly measuring all aspects of a roof before a project begins. Knowing how big a roof measures is only the beginning. Sales Reps or inspectors are frequently required to submit thorough reports on everything from the pitched and flat regions to the ridge, hip, and valley lengths, as well as make notes of chimneys and other structures on the roof.

It takes time and expertise to create an accurate diagram and takeoff. When it comes to your estimates, orders, and bottom-line figures, hiring the proper individuals or taking the time to teach novices to execute these jobs may make all the difference.

Roofers now have numerous alternatives for roofing measurement approaches, including drones and roofing measurement software, thanks to advances in technology. As a smaller company, you may not see the benefit in paying monthly fees for these metrics when you already pay trained salespeople to execute the work. Before dismissing the fee as excessive or unneeded, you should examine all of the advantages that measuring businesses may give. Ask for advice or any information here at Pas Claims.

The roofing sector may benefit from Pas Claims’ Aerial Roof Measurement Services. To produce our roofing measurements, we employ the most up-to-date technology and the finest quality aerial and satellite pictures available. We can produce a roof measurement report that is just as precise as on-site measurements using these photos and our web-based tools.

Improve Efficiency & Turnaround Time Estimation

It’s critical to get your finest employees into the field as soon as possible when a storm passes through your area to begin delivering estimates. A basic roof may be measured in 15-20 minutes, but you always risk incorrect figures, scribbled notes, and unprofessional-looking paperwork when that representative goes to provide an estimate.

Ordering a report can take up to 24 hours (though it’s usually much less), but what you lose in time between turning over the estimate you gain in field sales time between properties, the appearance of the report, and you can order multiple reports at one for a discounted rate that is much cheaper than hiring an additional full-time employee. Aerial roof view satellite reports provide a clear, well-structured, and consistent proposal that both clients and office workers can simply understand once a report is completed. Furthermore, reports may be requested ahead of time so that a sales representative is prepared when he visits a property and speaks with a homeowner.

More Precise Figures

Roof measurement reports eliminate the guesswork associated with difficult measurements. You may walk into a meeting or a house visit with actual numbers that can be applied to material orders and crew schedules without having to remeasure.

The need to question the estimator’s motivation is eliminated when reports come from an independent, verified third-party source. When you offer professional paperwork, insurance companies can see that your staff aren’t trying to inflate the project, and consumers can see that you’re not trying to deceive them.

Furthermore, having that report as part of your official paperwork saves time and may be stored and referred to later if the customer needs additional services.

More Precise Ordering of Materials and Crew Scheduling

When you start with precise estimates, you can save a lot of time and money when buying your materials. When you apply precise supplier ordering to material drop timings, staff scheduling, and downtime, you save money in the long run.

Integration with a CRM

Some reporting software will link with your company’s management platform automatically. Reports that automatically complete estimate fields and store documents to particular Job Files save time for your sales reps and office personnel when it comes to creating proposals, processing payments, or even the need for multiple accounts/logins for all essential functions.

These reports also ensure that your documentation is filed accurately and professionally, with nothing getting lost in the back of a truck or forgotten at the office. 

Pas Claims is here to offer you the best roofing software available. Pas Claims makes it easier to expand faster than your competitors with easy-to-use software, industry-leading tools, and the finest customer service.

Paying for Roofing Measurement Reports Biggest Advantages

As a smaller company, you may not see the benefit in paying monthly fees for these metrics when you already pay trained salespeople to execute the work. Before dismissing the fee as excessive or unneeded, you should examine all of the advantages that measuring businesses may give.

Accurate measurements translate into accurate estimates and contracts

Roofers that use precise aerial measurement reports to generate their contract estimates will discover that they may decrease human error when calculating material prices that affect the ultimate contract amount.

You can correctly order the supplies you need without wasting time due to miscalculations if you know your exact measurements ahead of time. Furthermore, executing contracts in a CRM like Pas Claims ensures that there are no misunderstandings about shingle color or the number of nails you purchased.

Roofing businesses without a dependable software system to ease communication between office teams, field personnel, and management risk letting leads slide through the cracks, failing to arrive at a house visit prepared, and failing to follow up with homeowners on a timely basis. This disarray may cause you to lose business to a more well-organized roofer.

Our team is devoted to providing you with timely and accurate Arial Roof View reports, whether you need one or 100. We are here for you anytime to help you with our 24-hour turnaround time and a four-page report that is simple to read yet has all of the information you need to produce an accurate project quotation. Our objective is to constantly assist you in increasing income and completing initiatives that would otherwise take time away from other parts of your company. Don’t waste time learning sophisticated Xactimate software when PAS Claims has a whole staff ready to assist you in obtaining the results you want promptly and at a reasonable cost. Order NOW your Arial Roof report with Pas Claims.

published on Thursday, July 29th, 2021