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PAS Claims is experienced in hail, wind, hurricane, and other claimable events.  Our skilled team includes Xactimate estimators, claim representatives, and industry experts with a background in Insurance Claims, Construction, and all phases of Contractor Operations.

Aerial Roof View

Flat Rate Satellite Roof Measurements

(Residential Only)

On Time

Delivering aerial roof measurement reports to contractors in 24-hours or less. 95% accuracy guaranteed.

Easy to Use

Save time measuring and estimating with our aerial roof reports so you can spend more time on important things - like winning business


Reduce job waste. Our aerial roof reports precisely measure out every eave, plane, structure, rake, and perimeter.  Delivered on four, easy to read pages.
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Fast Roof - Flat Rate

Measurement Reports


  • ONE FLAT RATE regardless of roof size

  • Roof Top View

  • 3D Sketch

  • Facet Area Diagram

  • Pitch Diagram

  • Area/Pitch Table

  • Roof Facet Labels

  • Waste Calculations

  • Turnaround < ~24* Hours

  • PDF

  • Four easy to read pages

Yes, you can order an Aerial Roof View Report with your Estimating order 

Estimating Service


Whether you're a seasoned roofing or siding contractor or if you’re new to insurance claim work...

Don't spend your time learning complicated estimating software...

Spend it growing your business and let our estimate writers handle your Residential estimating tasks.


  • We will provide you with a professional detailed Xactimate estimate based on current rates for your area.

  • Avoid pricing disputes with adjusters, subcontractors, and property owners.

  • Supplement an adjuster's estimate by adding missing and overlooked items.

  • Avoid guesswork, prevent unnecessary supplements and change orders.


Our Claim Management Program combines our Xactimate Estimating Services with our Claim Processing  and Call Center Servicing.  Our team of claim professionals process and manage your claims while keeping your updated in real time.

  • We'll do the preliminary Xactimate Estimate

  • We'll submit the the estimate to the Insurance Carrier on your behalf

  • We'll analyze the Insurance Carrier Scope once you receive it

  • We'll do the Pre-Build Supplement and submit to Insurance Carrier

  • We'll do the follow up calls to the Insurance Carrier in regards to the Pre-Build Supplement and keep you updated in real time

  • We'll get additional funds for those items the carrier failed to include on the original scope of loss

  • We'll submit the final invoice, permit receipts, and any Post-Build supplements to the Insurance Carrier to have all remaining payments released once you've completed the work

  • We'll follow up with the Insurance Carrier in regards to the release of the final funds and will let you know when they have been released along with any payment details

Your time is valuable, and the less time you spend working on the claim process, the more time you have to sell and provide quality service.