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Elevate Your Storm Restoration Business with PAS Claims! Unparalleled Homeowner Customer Service,  Efficient Claim Management, and Expert Xactimate Roof Estimates and Supplements.  End-to-End Support from the moment the homeowner files a claim, PAS Claims is there to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire claims process.

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About PAS Claims

At PAS Claims, we’re dedicated to helping roofing contractors grow their business through services that improve homeowner engagement, streamline claims processing, and increase revenue. With extensive experience in roofing and insurance, we provide expert guidance to take contractors’ businesses to the next level. We facilitate homeowner engagement by keeping them informed and engaged throughout the claims process, building trust and increasing referrals. Our team of experts, including Xactimate estimators and seasoned insurance and construction professionals, navigates the claims process efficiently, identifying opportunities for additional revenue. Our supplement process maximizes revenue on each job, providing end-to-end support with fast turnaround times for faster payments and business growth.

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Our Services

The Solution for Growing Your Roofing Business

Homeowner Customer Care

PAS Claims is dedicated to making the insurance claim process easy and hassle-free for homeowners. Our customer care approach focuses on providing personalized attention, clear communication, and prompt responses to ensure homeowners feel supported. By simplify the claims process, offer guidance, and handle the details.  We alleviate the burden for homeowners, making the entire insurance claim process a seamless and stress-free experience.

Carrier Management & Engagement

PAS Claims excels in engaging with insurance carriers to facilitate seamless claim processing and revenue maximization for contractors. By leveraging industry-standard software like Xactimate, we ensure precise estimates and supplements, leading to fair settlements. With our extensive knowledge of building codes and construction practices, we guarantee fair compensation from carriers, empowering contractors to focus on their work and get paid faster.

Carrier Invoicing & Payment Collections

PAS Claims ensures a smooth release of final payments by ensuring the carrier has all the necessary documents to expedite the payment process. We proactively engage with homeowners, facilitating payment collection on behalf of the contractor through effective communication and professional follow-up. Our streamlined collection procedures save contractors time and effort, while collecting payments in a timely manner. Trust PAS Claims to get you paid.

Aerial Roof View

Flat Rate Satellite Roof Measurements (Residential Only)

On Time

Delivering aerial roof measurement reports to contractors in 24-hours or less. 95% accuracy guaranteed.

Easy to Use

Save time measuring and estimating with our aerial roof reports so you can spend more time on important things – like winning business


Reduce job waste. Our aerial roof reports precisely measure out every eave, plane, structure, rake, and perimeter. Delivered on four, easy to read pages.

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Estimating Service

PAS Claims is your trusted partner in expediting claims processes, whether you’re a seasoned roofing or siding contractor or new to insurance claim work. Our expert team, equipped with industry-standard software like Xactimate, handles complicated and expensive estimating tasks for you, allowing you to focus on taking care of your clients and delivering high-quality roofing services. Don’t waste time on time-consuming estimates – let our dedicated estimate writers handle your residential estimating needs while you grow your business. Streamline your workflow with PAS Claims and experience a seamless claims experience.

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Process & Claim Management – The Key to Growing Your Roofing Business

At PAS Claims, we understand the challenges that roofing companies face when it comes to engaging with homeowners and insurance carriers during the claims process. Our platform offers a range of features and benefits that can streamline the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient claims experience. Here are five key reasons why partnering with PAS Claims will result in better customer service and homeowner engagement.

  • End-to-End Support: From the moment the homeowner files a claim, PAS Claims is there to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire claims process.  Our involvement from the beginning guarantees a seamless experience for all parties involved, leading to greater customer satisfaction and successful claim resolution.
  • Seamless Communication: Our platform provides a centralized hub where the contractor, homeowners,  and insurance carriers can easily communicate and collaborate on claims. This eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls and emails, allowing for quicker response times and smoother interactions.
  • Automated Updates: Our system provides automated updates to homeowners, notifying them about the progress of their claim. This proactive approach reduces uncertainty and keeps homeowners informed at every stage, minimizing their anxiety and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  • Expert Assistance: We have a team of experienced claims professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of the insurance claim process. Our experts can guide both homeowners and roofing companies through the claims process, offering valuable advice and insights. This support enhances customer service by providing homeowners with the knowledge and confidence they need.
  • Efficient Resolution:  We can expedite the claims process, resulting in faster resolution times. Our platform streamlines workflows, reduces paperwork, and simplifies interactions, enabling you to serve more customers and increase overall efficiency.

Your time is valuable, and the less time you spend working on the claim process, the more time you have to sell and provide quality service.

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Our Services

Fast Roof – Flat Rate Measurement Reports

  • ONE FLAT RATE regardless of roof size
  • Roof Top View
  • 3D Sketch
  • Facet Area Diagram
  • Pitch Diagram
  • Area/Pitch Table
  • Roof Facet Labels
  • Waste Calculations
  • Turnaround < ~24* Hours
  • PDF
  • ESX file for Xactimate
  • Eeasy to read pages